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Cooking with....Style

          Clients don't know what goes on behind the door of the kitchen, what matters most to them is the presentation of the dining room and meal. In this program, we will evaluate and make any upgrades you feel necessary to achieve the look and feel you desire. Once this is determined, we will train your staff on the presentation and delivery of each meal.

Cooking with....A Budget

          It is a well known fact that of any department, the dietary department's budget is very important to a facility's bottom line. This program will allow us to properly train and set up systems for your staff to insure effective ordering practices and help eliminate unnecessary waste of staff time and materials.

Cooking with....Dignity

         The preparation and presentation of Puree meals is a necessary part of providing quality care to your residents. Unfortunately, this part of every dietary department is usually its shortfall. In this program we teach your staff the proper techniques to not only prepare puree meals but to also use a mold technique to make each meal more visually appealing and  therefore allowing your residents to enjoy their meal with dignity.

Cooking with....Spice

          One of the largest complaints that facilities encounter is that the food does not taste well. This program will transform your menus from relying on pre-cooked meals that cost more and are less appetizing, to meals that have your residents complementing your kitchen and staff.

Cooking with....Knowledge

         At the core of any successful department is a staff. We believe proper training and positive reinforcement is how to develop a strong, reliable staff. In this program we will use numerous training materials, and techniques to help insure quality and efficiency in your kitchen.

Cooking with....Peace of Mind

         Today's  workforce can change very suddenly and leave you and your facility in a bind. When this happens, Talk of the Town Consulting; can be of service. In this program we can place at your community a dietary/ culinary department supervisior for a period of time to insure that all State and Federal regulations are met.

Cooking with....Documentation

         As you know one of the main reasons for contracting a Culinary Consultant is the need for licensed dieticians to be on-site to assist you and to meet documentation requirements. Our licensed staff will come in your facility as often as you want to take care of your documentation needs.

Cooking with....Employee Morale

        This is a very unique and exciting program that we are pleased to be able to offer. The days of ordering pizza and placing some paper plates and soda in the employee lounge are over. We can put together an event that will not only impress your staff but truly show your appreciation for their hard work. We will take care of the entire event from appetizer to dessert.

Cooking with....Assurance

        The dietary department is always a large concentration of any State or Federal Survey. This program is set-up to implement numerous quality assurance audits to help make sure proper protocol is being followed and to show surveyors when necessary.